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  • 09.05.17 | US Utility Patent issued on Speed Loader for Black Powder Arms and Related Methods
  • 08.29.17 | US Plant Patent Issued on New Peach Variety
  • 08.22.17 | US Design Patent Issued on Cord Box
  • 08.01.17 | US Design Patent Issued on Line Clamp
  • 07.18.17 | US Design Patent Issued for Weight-Bearing Corner Attachment
  • 07.17.17 | Mark D. Miller named Northern California Super Lawyer for tenth time
  • 06.27.17 | US Utility Patent Issued on Conveying Systems and Methods of Use
  • 06.19.17 | US Supreme Court Rules on Trademark Disparagement and First Amendment
    Disparagement clause of 15 U. S. C. section 1052(a) held unconstitutional under the First Amendment.
  • 06.13.17 | US Utility Patent Issued on Drill Pipe Screens
  • 05.30.17 | U.S. Supreme Court rules on Patent Exhaustion
    The doctrine of "patent exhaustion," which ensures that a patent owner may not sue an authorized purchaser of a patented product, applies to sales of patented products outside the United States.



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