Cases That a Real Estate Litigation Lawyer Handles 

For property owners who own property, commercial buildings, apartments, or other structures, real estate litigation is an issue that must be immediately resolved. Fortunately, business litigation lawyers can provide legal services for landlords, developers, and others who have ownership of a property or are working on a real estate project. Many kinds of problems can arise, especially since these cases often involve multiple parties. Whether you are going through a contract violation or are being sued by another party, a real estate litigation lawyer like one at Eric Siegel Law can help you reach a solution. 

Partnerships disputes 

A common legal scenario that real estate litigation lawyers often see is partnership disputes. If more than one party is in charge of a real estate project, such as the development of a large commercial area, it is necessary for all parties to be in agreement. However, if one party has issues with the terms and conditions in a contract or has other ideas for how to move forward with a project, it can raise problems that affect the partnership. 

Zoning and environmental laws 

There are zoning laws and regulations set by the state and federal government that must be followed. For example, if you are a developer and you want to construct a retail space near an existing populated area such as a neighborhood, you must make sure it passes environmental tests. Construction of the project should not have a negative impact on the environment and introduce pollution and other hazards.

Fulfilling legal requirements

There are numerous legal requirements that you must meet if you are working on a real estate project. For example, if you are a landlord that is planning to create a residential area, you must make sure that your building features the necessary accommodations for people with disabilities. This includes the appropriate number of stairs, ramps, Braille signs, and other legal requirements. A real estate litigation lawyer like one at Eric Siegel Law will help you ensure you are in compliance with the most current laws and regulations. 

Real estate litigation is an issue that you should not ignore. In order to protect your financial interests so that you can remain on course to achieve your business goals, it is worth investing in an experienced real estate litigation lawyer so that your specific matter can be resolved as efficiently as possible. Any delays can cause you even more trouble, setting you back even longer. For more information, schedule a consultation with a trusted and highly experienced real estate litigation lawyer now. 

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