Core Elements of a Good Movie Trailer

Post By MatadorAdmin on July 11, 2021

As many of us know, when the lights in a movie theater start to dim the trailers are about to play. Trailers do not exist only in the theaters, as they are used in all kinds of artistic forms and projects, from festivals and teasers, to businesses releasing new products. And what makes a good movie trailer anyway? A trailer is a vital part of marketing for your project, movie, or product. The trailer is a first impression, an intro not only to the story of the film but for creators and fellow filmmakers too. Technically, a trailer is an advertisement, but there is surely an art form to making a trailer that can not go unnoticed!

There are some common trailer pitfalls that you must avoid committing at all cost when making your trailer. If you want to learn timeless best practices for creating an intriguing trailer that captivates viewers but doesn't give away too much, then read on. Here are some core elements of a good movie trailer:

Rely on the Experts

If you are new to working on a video or film project, it may feel like you are out to sea but were never given a paddle.  One of the great things about the video industry is that there are many creatives that you can draw inspiration from and lean on when you need help. Even if you are solo in your project, you really are not alone. There's plenty of wisdom and guidance from other writers, filmmakers, creators, and directors who understand the industry.  You may be tempted to create your own trailer, but if you do not have the savviness then you should rely on trailer professionals to get the job done right. The success of your movie depends on it!

Leave Your Audience Hanging

We've all seen it before, a trailer that basically gave away the entire movie and we were left with no mystery whatsoever. Pro tip, refrain from doing this! The most interesting trailers give you an introduction to the main characters and show the central conflict of the movie, in addition to ending on a big cliffhanger. If you can leave the plot unresolved in a successful yet intriguing way, you will create empathy for the character that fuels viewers in wanting to see more.

Consider Type of Project

Some trailers can effectively bounce between different scenes that still feel cohesive, making the plot of the film more mysterious and elusive. For documentaries, the approach is very similar. But, you may need to focus on the topic in itself rather than the main character. If you're promoting a video that is educational, your trailer may look more simple and to the point so viewers do know what to expect when they watch the rest. Above all, the viewer must be engaged by the end of the trailer and think: wow I really need to see that! 

To learn more about how a professional movie trailer company can help you, contact a movie trailer producer from Create Advertising Group now. 

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