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Bakersfield Trademark Infringement Lawyer- wooden gavel on tableThere are many examples of property that people end up owning and have copyright too; moreover, if this is infringed upon, one can always contact an Intellectual Property Lawyer Sacramento, CA.  Now; while there are many examples of intellectual property, one of the strongest examples pertaining to this, involves video games.  Those who make a franchise own the material and right to that property.  For example; when it comes to intellectual property, Nintendo owns the rights to franchises such as Mario, Zelda, and more.  Then there is Sega, which owns the intellectual property of Sonic.  With that said though, intellectual property aspects can be infringed upon when someone uses a character or game franchise aspects that are not under fair use.  

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There have been many times, where fan games that used Nintendo property have been shut down.  One of the main reasons why this has been the case, is because the content that was being used was not under fair use and broke the legal aspects of intellectual property.  For example; in 2016, Nintendo ended up shutting down a Metroid fan game that had been in development for 10 years, called AM2R.  Fortunately, when Nintendo issued a cease and desist, the developers of AM2R complied and shut down the game, as a means to avoid having an intellectual property lawsuit taken against them, which can have detrimental consequences.   This is an example of a situation, where intellectual property is trying to be protected by the company.

Now; if the creators of AM2R decided that they wanted to keep the game up, then Nintendo would decide to take legal action against them. Moreover, gaming companies aside, intellectual property aspects, can also apply to TV shows, music videos, books, movies, and more.  If someone feels like intellectual property aspects they they own are being infringed upon, one of the best and most efficient things to do, would be to contact an Intellectual Property Lawyer Sacramento, CA.  What an intellectual property lawyer would focus on would be aspects pertaining to the specific case itself.  In other words, those who handle legal matters, have a strong understanding that not every case is black and white.  

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As such, every case should be handled carefully.  For example; a case that focuses on an intellectual property situation pertaining to a video game may have the following questions. What part of the fan game situation infringes on the property that you own? Has the individual responded to the cease and desist letter that you have issued yet?  Is this the first intellectual property incident that you have dealt with?  These are some questions to take into consideration. Lastly, a legal business should have different types of cases that they work with, to build a strong client and customer base.  For example; Sierra IP Law, PC, has a strong focus on many types of cases, from digital privacy laws, privacy acts, fair use, and more. This aids in expanding business and client work, through a multifaceted level. 

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If you want to protect your company’s intellectual property, you may want to consult an intellectual property lawyer Sacramento, CA residents trust. An experienced lawyer can advise on the best way to protect this property and give you peace of mind. Here are a few different ways to protect intellectual property.


Registering a trademark can protect your company’s symbols, logos, phrases and words. You can renew your trademark every 10 years. Once you register your trademark, you let everyone know that you own that mark and have the legal ability to enforce. This may discourage others from trying to steal your trademark.

Besides registering your trademark federally, think about registering it in the state where your company is located. It is particularly beneficial if your goods or services are only offered in that state.

Trade Secrets

Trade secrets refer to information that your business chooses not to share with others. Keeping this information private can give you a leg up above your competition. However, understand that trade secrets are not filed with an official office and do not offer official protection for your intellectual property. If you can prove that you made a true effort to keep these secrets private and someone else still steals the idea, you can take them to court about the matter.


Copyright is designed to protect original written, artistic, musical or dramatic work, including songs, books, movies and paintings. Once the work is placed in a tangible form, copyright automatically protects it. Although you do not have to register a copyright to get protection, it can be beneficial. It will become public record and gives you the right to file a copyright infringement lawsuit. A Sacramento intellectual property lawyer can help you file an application to register your copyright. The process involves submitting an application, paying a fee and providing copies of your work. While you can file a paper application, submitting your application online is faster and less expensive.


A patent refers to an exclusive right that keeps others from making, using, importing or selling your invention without your consent for up to 20 years. A patent gives you the right to claim damages, right of sale and right to grant a license. Examples of inventions that have been patented include the computer, television and lightbulbs.

If you want to file a patent, you should first find out if your invention’s patentability meets the necessary requirements. For example, your invention has to be useful, novel and not too obvious. If you have found that your invention meets the requirement, consider hiring a lawyer to help you file the patent applications. They can involve many complexities, but are very valuable. An intellectual property lawyer can ensure that you file the application without errors.

If you need assistance with any of these services, you should schedule a meeting with a Sacramento intellectual property lawyer from Sierra IP Law, PC, to discuss your goals. 

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