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Sacramento Internet Lawyer - Global Technology CompanyIf someone has posted false or harmful information about you online, you may want to consult an internet lawyer Sacramento, CA residents prefer for their exceptional level of quality. Whether you are dealing with a fake Google review about your business or wrongly published article, this can have a very negative effect on your reputation. Here are a few benefits of hiring an internet lawyer from Sierra IP Law, PC.

An Internet Lawyer Has Extensive Knowledge About Defamation Law

Internet defamation is a specialized field of law that not many people have knowledge about. A reputable internet lawyer, however, does. He or she will possess extensive knowledge about defamation privileges and defenses, online investigatory practices and other matters concerning internet law. With a knowledgeable and skilled lawyer on your side, you will not have to handle this confusing and time-consuming matter on your own.

An Internet Lawyer Knows How to Remove Online Content

When something harmful about you is posted online, your number one goal is to have it removed. However, this can be very difficult to do. That is another reason why it is important to work with an experienced internet lawyer. An internet lawyer has expert knowledge in permanently removing harmful online content. Afterward, you won’t have to worry about anyone seeing that content again.

An Internet Lawyer Knows About Online Extortion 

If you have found defamatory information about yourself online, you might also face online extortion in the future. Online extortion may include catfishing, sextortion and bitcoin scams. A reputable internet lawyer in Sacramento, CA will have a deep understanding about online extortion. He or she will know how to find these extortioners and hold them responsible.

An Internet Lawyer Will Have Empathy

A reputable internet lawyer has dealt with internet defamation and extortion in the past and knows just how devastating it can all be. An internet lawyer understands that internet defamation causes a lot of psychological stress and will give you the empathy you deserve. He or she will carefully listen to your concerns and offer words of encouragement. If you know someone has empathy for your situation and is willing to fight hard for justice, you may feel a bit of relief.

If you have been dealing with defamatory remarks online, you may want to schedule a consultation with an internet lawyer in Sacramento, CA from Sierra IP Law, PC to talk about your case.

Why Hire An Experienced Lawyer 

Attempting to resolve a serious threat against you that involves content on the internet, fraud, or other illegal online activity comes with many obstacles, as a trusted Sacramento, CA internet lawyer can tell you about. It would be in your best interest to seek legal help from a lawyer that many clients trust for quality services so that you can work on your case immediately. With these types of crimes, there is no time to waste because the perpetrators can be multiple steps ahead of you. You should find a lawyer who has many years of experience handling internet cases and understands how criminals operate when committing internet-related crimes. 

Services That A Lawyer Can Provide You

There are valuable legal services that a skilled lawyer can provide for you. One of the first things that they can do for you is give you a detailed case assessment. They can tell you about the basic facts of your case, what your next steps should be and how you can best defend your rights. A lawyer can also give you the legal and emotional support that you need during this difficult and stressful period. 

What To Bring To Your Consultation

When you are dealing with a legal case involving crimes committed on the internet, you first want to set up a consultation with the lawyer so that you can get the information that you need. During a consultation, it is a chance to discuss your case more in depth with the lawyer. They will ask you questions about your case and concerns so that they have a strong understanding of your situation and can determine what legal strategies will be best to resolve it. 

If you do not know what to do during your consultation, here are a few tips that you can keep in mind:

  • Write down your questions and topics
  • Collect legal documents and show them to the lawyer
  • Bring whatever evidence that you have such as emails, texts, and documents
  • Bring a notebook to write down important details

Crimes that involve the internet can be particularly challenging to resolve because it can be difficult to track down the criminals responsible. They may have used encryption software, multiple identities, and other tools to hide their trail and prevent others from tracking them down. It can be difficult to gather enough evidence to prove that a specific person is behind the threats that they are making. For any case that concerns violations against your privacy, blackmail, fraud, and similar crimes, contact a Sacramento internet lawyer right away so that you can have the full legal resources to get the case outcome that you want. 

Discover Your Legal Options 

The more prepared that you are during a consultation the more smoothly it will go. While the consultation is risk-free, you will want to make the most of your limited time with the attorney from Sierra IP Law, PC so that they can get started on the more complex tasks of your case. Learn more by setting up a consultation with a Sacramento internet lawyer clients depend on now. 

 What An Internet Lawyer Can Help You With 

When there are nefarious criminals on the internet who seek to take your private information and use it as a means to commit many crimes, you should contact a Sacramento, CA internet lawyer immediately. You can receive help from a lawyer who has years of legal experience seeking justice for unsuspecting individuals who have been victims of internet crimes. Navigating the internet is not always a straightforward process, and for particularly vulnerable populations such as the elderly and disabled, it can be hard to know what is safe to click on and what to trust. Some of the things that a lawyer can assist you with if you have been a victim of a crime include the following. 

Identity Fraud 

One of the biggest crimes that many people fall victim to is identity fraud. When people steal your sensitive personal information such as your credit card, bank account, and Social Security information, they can easily use them to seize your money or impersonate you as a means of committing other types of crimes. If you have suspected that your identity has been stolen, contact a lawyer right away. An internet lawyer will be able to assist you and pursue the individual responsible so that they are brought to justice and your personal online information is protected. 


There are many people who choose dating sites or social media platforms to seek lasting, genuine relationships. Unfortunately, those people often are taken advantage of by criminals who resort to catfishing, or the practice of masking one’s identity and pretending that they are someone else. This is often done by criminals on the internet who try to get individuals to fall in love with them and send them money. Catfishing can also be done by taking a person’s photos without their permission. 


Another crime that is done on the internet is blackmail. Many people are threatened with consequences if they fail to provide money or personal information to criminals. If you are being blackmailed by an individual, whether known or unknown, you can depend on a lawyer to provide you with the legal assistance that you need so that your rights can be protected. A Sacramento internet lawyer will work hard to defend your rights and pursue the criminal making threats towards you.

Cryptocurrency Scams 

An increasingly common crime that is done on the internet involves cryptocurrency scams. Many businesses or scammers prey on individuals who are trying to make money in the form of cryptocurrency through pyramid schemes and other unlawful and misleading practices. If you believe that you have been a victim of a cryptocurrency scam, do not wait to contact a lawyer so that they can help you recover your money and hold the person accountable.

You count on a lawyer like one from Sierra IP Law, PC to explain what your legal options are and how you can best move forward with your case. When there is illegal activity done on the internet that is harmful to you, you deserve to receive quality legal representation. Find out how you schedule your free consultation with a reputable Sacramento internet lawyer right away if you are in need of legal assistance regarding internet crimes. 

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