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The patent attorneys at Sierra IP Law understand that a patent is often a tool that may be used by a new or existing business to help that business stand apart from its competitors. A US patent provides the owner with the right to prevent others from making, using, offering to sell or selling the patented invention in the United States for a significant number of years, depending on the type of patent.

Our patent attorneys have broad and deep experience assisting clients with patent preparation and prosecution of all kinds of patents, including: (1) utility patents, which cover the functional aspects of an invention, (2) design patents, which cover the look, appearance, and specific design of tangible article, such as a consumer product, and (3) plant patents, which cover novel, asexually reproduced plants. Using our patent law expertise, we have assisted our clients in obtaining hundreds of patents in many different technical fields, including: chemical technologies, electronics, software, biotechnology, mechanical and industrial equipment, medical devices, plant varieties, and consumer products. Because we have offices located in the Central San Joaquin Valley of California, many of our clients are in or do business with the agricultural industry. As a result, we have been involved in helping our clients protect many cutting-edge technologies in agriculture, including biotechnology, agrichemical technologies, and  electronics and software. We have the know-how to assist our clients with protecting these evolving technologies.

Through many years of direct experience, our patent attorneys have developed a clear understanding of US patent office practice and procedure, and have developed the knowledge and skill to efficiently prosecute patents before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. We have developed a thorough understanding of how the US patent office approaches the examination of a patent application, and the tendencies and patterns of patent examiners. This expertise and knowledge is applied to the advantage of our clients in the patent examination process. We also have extensive experience in pursuing international patent rights for our clients. Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) application filings are a regular part of our practice, and we work with an extensive network of foreign associated in pursuing foreign patent and design rights for our clients.

Our attorneys are also experienced and skilled in patent litigation and business disputes. Patent litigation requires quick comprehension of the client’s complicated technologies, and the ability to translate complex information into language and concepts that a judge and jury can easily understand. Our patent lawyers and professionals are highly proficient at interpreting technologies in many different technical fields and translating the pertinent facts and concepts into digestible bites for the layperson. However, litigation is not always the answer to a patent dispute. Our team approaches patent litigation and business disputes with a practical perspective, viewing such issues first and foremost as business problems needing business solutions. We are committed to working with our clients to find the best outcome to protect and preserve their businesses, designs, and technologies.
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