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Trademark Lawyer Tacoma, WA

Trademark Lawyer Tacoma, WAIf you invent something useful to others, you might consider meeting with a trademark lawyer Tacoma, WA residents trust from Sierra IP Law, PC about applying for a patent to protect your rights. A patent credits you for your invention and prevents others from using, selling, or making it. If you are wondering whether you need a trademark or patent, we can help you figure that out. Typically, if you are attempting to protect a mark that is unique to your services or goods, then you need to apply for a trademark. However, if you want to protect the design of a product or the product itself, apply for a patent. The following steps are necessary to obtain a patent.

  1. Make Sure Your Idea or Invention Is Original

Before applying for a patent, it is necessary to confirm that you are the first person who has created your invention or are the first person to use an invention in a specific way. Even if a patent exists, you can still obtain a second patent if you develop a new way to apply an invention. 

  1. Consider Possible Future Applications

Your invention might include multiple uses, and someone else might consider those. If you want to get the most credit for your concept, think through as many potential modifications and applications as possible. Patenting various versions of your idea will give you the broadest range of credit.

  1. Select a Patent Type

As your Tacoma trademark lawyer can review with you, this step is critical to the patient application process. You may decide that one of these patent types suits your needs:

    • Provisional Patent: If you don't want to risk that someone else will move ahead with finalizing the same invention before you, you can receive exclusive rights to everything you develop until the time you receive this patent. Once you file a provisional patent, you have one year to finalize your concept.

    • Utility Patent: Your invention may qualify for a utility patent if deemed practical, beneficial, and operable. Obtaining a utility patent takes up to three years and requires payment of periodic maintenance fees; however, no one else can make, use or sell your invention for twenty years.

    • Design Patent: Design patents last fourteen years and prohibit others from replicating your physical and ornamental design. 
  1. Submit an Application

After selecting the appropriate patent, you can apply to The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Patent applications are complicated documents that require an interpretation of technical terms and submission of specific details. Great care is required to fill out these multi-page documents.

  1. Wait for a Reply

Although it can take one year to hear back from the patent office, you will likely be asked to submit additional information that could determine whether or not you receive a patent. While you wait, you can work on plans to produce and distribute your invention. 

Inventing something new and useful takes significant effort and energy. Consult with our Tacoma lawyer trademark team from Sierra IP Law, PC to guide you through the patent or trademark process, and focus your attention on your invention.

Trademark Lawyer Tacoma, WA

Essential Roles of a Trademark Lawyer

Trademarks are essential in any business or company, which is why a trademark lawyer Tacoma, WA  business owners rely on an exceptional level of service should be contacted when dealing with such matters. One of the main reasons why this is the case, is because trademarks aid businesses in identifying their brand.  Moreover, this applies to all aspects within the business as well. This ranges from the marketing work that is done, the logo that the business has, the type of advertising that is done along with the kind of methods that are implemented, and more. These are some of the core aspects that aid in helping a business to establish their own identity, through a trademark.  Although simultaneously, if a company is not careful, their trademark can be used by other businesses that run a similar brand.  Sometimes, this is done intentionally, while other times, this is done unintentionally.  

Stolen & Misappropriated Trademarks

An example of a stolen trademark, would be a hypothetical situation, involving McDonalds vs Burger King, which if it were to happen, would be the ground for a trademark lawsuit to take place.  As many know, while McDonalds and Burger King are prominent fast food chains, and have their own unique identities, which is why people are able to differentiate them over the other.  However, let’s say that when it came to both fast food chains, Burger King ended up changing their slogan to something that was very similar to McDonald’s “I’m lovin’ it!” This is an example of what trademark issues would look like.  The point being, if a business or company based in Tacoma or surrounding areas, feels like their trademark has been used, whether intentionally or unintentionally, it is important to contact a trademark lawyer in Tacoma, WA. An experienced lawyer that specializes in trademark law will be able to assist in identifying whether or not there are violations of intellectual property or trademark rights.

The Role of a Trademark Lawyer

What a trademark lawyer would aid in doing, is that they would answer questions, pertaining to the chain that has questions about why they feel their trademark has been stolen, and more.  For example; if McDonalds wanted to take legal action against Burger King, because they felt like their slogan was being used without permission, some of the questions that may end up being asked, would pertain to the following.  Is this the first trademark issue that you have had with Burger King? What has led to this incident?  Slogan aside, are there any other reasons, as to why you feel like your trademark is being stolen?  These are some of the questions that would be important to take into consideration.  Moreover, not each case is black and white, and as such, asking such questions, would aid in narrowing down  the legal case, in a refined manner. 

Contact a Local Trademark Lawyer

Lastly, another important factor to consider, is that because the scenarios and facts of every case vary widely, it is important that legal businesses and companies who handle cases, such as trademark issues research the legal options that are available, so that a wide variety of different types of cases can be handled, in an effective manner. For example; Sierra IP Law, PC, has a strong focus on work aspects, pertaining to a multitude of cases, such as utility patents, plant patents, digital privacy laws, and more.  This aids in increasing variety, for the kind of work that needs to be done in a legal business.  

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