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If you own a business or you spend time helping to brand the company that employs you, it is important to connect with Sierra IP Law, PC’s experienced Bakersfield, CA trademark lawyer team to develop a strategy to protect the intellectual property tied to your branding. Most of the time, intellectual property protection strategy for businesses involves significant attention paid to trademarks. In a nutshell, trademark protections help to preserve a company’s identity in the marketplace by ensuring that other businesses within a given industry and similar industries cannot use the same slogans, logos, business names, etc.

Trademark Lawyer in Bakersfield, CA

If you own a small enterprise that operates in a limited geographic area, you may be wondering whether it is worth your time and effort to connect with our firm’s Bakersfield, CA trademark lawyer team. There was a time when truly “local business” didn’t always need to take formal steps to protect their branding. However, the nature of modern day sales has changed the nature of that equation. When two preteen sisters in a suburb of Minneapolis started making bath bombs a few years back to sell in local shops, it was a fun hobby. Due to the opportunity for online sales, marketing on social media, and a host of other technological influences, their sales hit $20 million before the girls even graduated from high school. Even if you operate an Etsy business out of your basement, you need to protect your company’s branding. Without such protections in place, your business assets and your personal assets will remain legally vulnerable.

The Benefits of Formal Trademark Registration – In a Nutshell

At Sierra IP Law, PC, our team both helps to secure trademark registration protections and assists in enforcing the intellectual property rights that trademark registration affords. If you don’t formally register your branding efforts, any individual or business may try to compromise your company’s identity in the marketplace. Such efforts can confuse customers into thinking that your hard-earned work product is available through this alternative outlet, which robs you of sales and brand loyalty. Another business could even set up a similar model and formally register your branding for their own benefit and then sue you for using the branding strategies that you’ve been using all along.

Legal Assistance Is Available

Registering your trademarks is an important way to ensure your company’s place in the market. Nowadays, solid branding can make or break any venture – from billion-dollar enterprises to businesses run out of individual people’s homes. Connect with the experienced California legal team at Sierra IP Law, PC today to schedule a risk-free consultation concerning your intellectual property rights. Once our team understands your company’s unique needs and priorities, we can both assist you with registering your trademarks and advise you as to any other intellectual property protections that you may be in need of now and/or down the road. Call today to learn more about our Bakersfield, CA trademark lawyer team’s approach to representation and services offered; we look forward to speaking with you.

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